Extraordinary Portraits for Extraordinary People


Job Developer

I have never used a professional photographer in the past but I am glad I did now. Paul is fantastic at capturing your "essence." He makes you feel comfortable, which is essential for an appealing headshot. I highly recommend him as I am sure he will go above your expectations.


IT Specialist

Paul ensures a comprehensive understanding of his clients' desires. This collaborative approach enables him to align his creative direction with their desired outcomes, resulting in a photography experience that authentically reflects their unique vision.


VP, Corporate Growth

It was time to update my professional headshot and I was referred to Paul. I’m very happy with results. I generally don’t like photos of myself, but it was difficult to choose the one I liked best as so many were amazing.


Brand Master, Artist

If you're looking for a business profile shot that does more than just document what your head looks like, consider the more artful approach of Paul Lambert. He has a way of capturing not just who are are, but what as well. I am notorious for not wanting to have my picture taken, and despite that he managed to take one of the best pictures of me there has ever been.


Creative Director, DJ

Thank you to Paul Lambert for capturing such beautiful portraits in such a considerate, professional, and dedicated way. 

I highly recommend Paul for your business portrait and branding needs!


Music Producer

Paul has a great attention for detail and is a complete joy to work with.  He's great at capturing your vision and improving it as needed, or coming up with ideas you wouldn't think possible. His keen eye for lighting, facial expressions, body language, and all the little nuances are a lovely recipe for incredible results.  



Despite my aversion to being photographed, Paul’s approach made the experience enjoyable. He took the time to understand what I wanted and delivered a selection of portraits that surpassed any I’ve had before. He exceeded my expectations for my business profile photos.



Captured! Repeatedly, Paul's head shots halted my scroll and captivated my curiosity. The best part was how easily and collaboratively Paul worked with me. Indeed his keen eye and versatility came through in the session and his final product. I couldn't pick just one.



Extremely professional and detail oriented . Paul wants what you want , that being a great portrait that captures you! Paul never disappoints and his work is exceptional. If there were 10 stars to rate Paul and his work, we would try and give him at least an 11.


Transformational Life Coach

I believe in the power of a heart and soul connection to help clients discover their true selves and create wholeness in their lives. Through our artful partnerships remarkable results are achieved, paving the way for transformative growth.

A special thanks to Paul Lambert for capturing my "extraordinary moments" through his exceptional photos.



Paul's a rock star in the studio and a ton of fun to work with. In less than 20 minutes we were having a blast talking and listening to music.

Standard headshots have become pretty generic. Paul's approach is more artistic and unique. He's got a great eye and is able to create photos that say more about who you really are.



I have had the privilege to work with Paul on more than one occasion.  Paul is a consummate professional, taking the time to develop an understanding prior to the shoot of what I wanted to achieve.  Then with the miracle of his lens - he creates the exact mood, image and presence I wanted to project.  Best headshot ever!!


Business Coach, Leadership Facilitator

Paul is obviously quite serious about his craft–or should I say art–and has quite an eye for detail. Delivering a few jokes during the process was quite helpful!


Holistic Healer, Writer

I was drawn to Paul's capturing the persona, emotion, and story of the person with his camera rather than just a 'headshot'. His photos speak volumes. And one will notice the eye lingering on his portraits, as it absorbs all the nuances. 


Social Worker

Paul is a magician.


Al Strategist

Paul has such a smooth and easy way in creating a hospitable and relaxed atmosphere, building a relationship with you that is personable, unassuming, and truly insightful. Speaking as someone who doesn't really enjoy having their picture taken, this was hands down the best experience I have ever had.

Paul not only delivered well ahead of discussed times, but he also over delivered in quality and the process of getting that image in the first place; I was the most relaxed I have ever been.

I had pictures done before, as a professional person, several over the years in fact. This truly was an exceptional experience, and I finally have an extraordinary portrait that I'm excited to share with everyone.

Thanks, Paul. This was memorable, easy, and fun.



From the moment I met Paul to discuss my vision, I knew I was in good hands. His professionalism shone through, and his passion for his craft was evident. But what truly sets Paul apart is his fun and relaxed approach. Once I stepped in front of the camera in his studio, any nervousness or self-consciousness I had melted away. Paul made me feel at ease, and that comfort translated into the stunning photographs he captured.

Paul genuinely cares about understanding who you are as an individual and took the time to connect with me on a personal level. This genuine interest shone through in every frame he captured.

I wouldn't hesitate to work with Paul again and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking a photographer who goes above and beyond. Whether you're looking for artistic portraits or headshots that truly reflect your authentic self, Paul is the photographer for you.


Retired Journalist

When Paul asked me why I was interested in a portrait of myself, the question caught me by surprise. After all, I was asking a professional photographer to do what he does amazingly well. But it gave me pause. Why did I want to do this? 

One of the most common fallacies I think we share as human beings is a feeling that it won't matter when I'm gone. And, we feel that way often despite considerable evidence to the contrary. 

Paul has a sort of " Karsh-esque " ability to capture the person behind the face. It's not just a picture, it's a life. I realize that at my age, I'm far closer to the end of my life, than the start. If some day, someone I care about can look at that very exceptional photograph, and have it spark a memory, a good laugh, or even just a little bit of comfort, then to me it's not just worth every penny, it's priceless. That's why I wanted this picture, and why I knew Paul, was the one to take it.

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